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Building an online presence, business is similar to building a brick and mortar, traditional street-side business, you need time and effort. In addition, you have to use the right tools to perform some of the specific tasks, as to enhance productivity and efficiency.

I personally use the following tools to create this site. Some are free tools, and some are premium tools that I feel they are good for me to share.

If you want to create your own site with minimal cost, you can use all the free tools listed below on the left side bar to kick start your online business. If you are new to internet marketing, the IM Resources I recommended are:  IM VIP Training,  and The Traffic Mastery Methods.

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经营一个网上业务,就有如经营一个具体实际的店面, 需要时间与耐心经营。如果你想建立一个稳固的业务,那么你更需具备适当的工具及软件系统等等. 以便达到事半工倍的效益, 正所谓 :”
工欲善其事, 必先利其器”

我个人使用以下面的主要软件来创建这个网站。有些是免费的, 有些是需付费的. 我在此例下几个让你对此网页有所了解.:

1.) 网站主机及网名: Name cheap.

2.) WordPress 的网页主题软件为 Flexsqueeze

3) 阿凡达精灵Pro (Avatar Genie Pro ) .

4.)Aweber自动应答器 .

5.) InstaBuilder2.0简单易用的拖放式打造及创建目标 网页的软件。

6.) 薄荷糖应用程式2.0 (Mints App2.0)

如果你想以最低成本(或零成本)来创建自己的网页, 你可以使用下面左侧边栏的免费软件与工具, 来开发您的网上业务 .

欲知有关于网络营销知识 与如何招来网络流量, 你可以参阅以下的推荐.

IM Coaching Guide,  Traffic Mastery Methods

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